Why White Papers Should Be a Part of Your Content 

Why White Papers Should Be a Part of Your Content 

Why White Papers Should Be a Part of Your Content 

1. Strategy

Are you using white papers in your content marketing strategy? If not, then this can be a huge mistake!

The white paper is a powerful marketing tool specifically for the B2B content marketing strategy.

But if you have never heard of it before, and just wondering what exactly this white paper thing is  then this article will help you understand:

  • What is white paper?
  • The major benefits of a white paper
  • Ebook vs white paper
  • What to include in a white paper
  • How to promote your white paper for lead generation

2. What Is a White Paper?

A white paper is an in-depth report or a guide about a specific topic, including the problems that the topic surrounds. It is meant for educating the readers and helping them understand and solve a particular issue.

Marketers around the globe have created white papers to educate their audience about a problem or explain or promote a methodology. 

Now that you know what white paper exactly is, let’s understand some of the most rewarding benefits of including them in your content strategy. 

3. They Are Excellent Lead Magnets

Thousands of websites ask for an email in exchange for access to the white paper. The long educational form of content attracts people, and most of them don’t mind sharing their emails.

This helps the website build its email lists. Because of the long and educative form of content, the white paper also performs the work of authority building.

A survey from Business.com highlights that most of the companies that they surveyed regard white paper to be a powerful lead generator.

They have also detailed how some websites use white paper as an opportunity to ask for information about their leads. Name, company name, email, country, and phone number are some most asked information.

And this makes me come to the second benefit.

4. They Help in Building Thought Leadership:

The Internet is filled with duplicate content. Everyone is creating content just for the sake of it. Remember the reason behind content creation is to win your audience.

The white paper helps you spread expertise and build a better brand image. People like working with the leaders and white paper can help you establish yourself as one!

A white paper should contain very little promotional stuff that makes people believe you are a thought leader and helps in generating loads of leads. If you are not sure about the way they are prepared, it is better to outsource it to an agency providing white paper writing services.

5. You Cannot Replace Them With Ebooks

People often get confused between ebooks and white papers, but ebooks are not a replacement for white papers, and vice versa is also true. 

A lot has already been written on the difference between both of them on the Internet. Despite that, many people still would want to know about it.

Let’s see some of the major differences between the two:

  • Ebooks provide a “how-to” guide on a general specific topic, but a white paper provides an in-depth study on a specific topic
  • Ebooks are used in the early stages of the buying cycle, but white paper is used in the later stages of the buying cycle
  • Ebooks mostly target B2C audiences, but the white paper mostly targets B2B audiences
  • Ebooks have a more conversational tone, while the white paper has a more formal and scholarly tone
  • Ebooks contain lots of images as visuals but the white paper is text-heavy and only contains graphs and charts as visuals.

Now, you understand the major differences between ebooks and white papers. Also, you know why eBooks are not a replacement for white papers, let us see how you can use white papers in your content marketing strategy

6. What to Include In a White Paper?

This is the most asked question, and marketers are always confused about how to create a white paper. 

So here are three white paper ideas for you:

  • Write an in-depth look at the features and benefits of a B2B product or service.
  • Write a numbered set of tips, points, or questions on a topic.
  • Write a new improvised solution to a major problem. 

7. How to Promote A White Paper For Lead Generation?

Have you come up with your white paper but can’t understand how to promote your white paper, then here’s how you can:

A. Social Media

Social media never disappoints and it’s always a good option to share what you create. Share your white paper on your social media handles and let the world know what you created. Here are 11 ways to educate your customers through social media.

B. Blog

Content distribution is extremely important. Re-use the white paper and start a series of blogs on it. This will bring traction and the people interested in the topic will prefer reading the white paper

C. Paid marketing

You can run PPC campaigns for your white paper targeting the keywords relevant to its topic

D. Webinars

Webinars are in trend and they can be really helpful in promoting your white paper. Webinars are also extremely popular in the saas space. You can use webinars to market your saas product.

8. The Final Takeaway

We are about to conclude this article but before we do let me ask you a quick question. 

So have you thought about how you are going to use white papers in your content marketing strategy? 

But before you forget anything let’s do a quick recap of what we learned in this article.

  • A white paper is an in-depth report or a guide about a specific topic including the problems that the topic surrounds
  • It is extremely powerful too in B2B content marketing strategy
  • They are excellent lead magnets
  • They help in building thought leadership
  • Ebooks are not a replacement for white papers, and vice versa is also true
  • We also saw what to include in a white paper and how you can promote your white paper for lead generation

2021 will see a rise in content marketing and white paper can help you strengthen your game in content marketing.

And now that you know how white paper can improve your game, so what’s stopping you?

Start the amazing work!

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