Why Digital Marketers need to Blog?

Why Digital Marketers need to Blog?

why digital marketers need to blog

I am writing this post which is completely based on my personal experience. I will be sharing few interesting facts from my blogging journey.

1. Five benefits of Blogging

  1. Improves writing skills
  2. Updating the digital skills
  3. WordPress skills
  4. Social Media Skills
  5. Personal Brand

I treat my blog as my R&D (Research and Development) Lab. Where I experiment with all my digital marketing skills and check the results.

why digital marketers need to blog

2. Improves writing skills

Every digital marketer needs copywriting skills. copywriting skill is not the skill of copy-pasting from the others websites on the Internet. It’s a skill of writing on your own. Blogging is the best way to improve the writing skills of a digital marketer. It helps in visualizing the topic and what to write, how this blog meets your objective. Digital Marketers believe that content is the King. This is the area where you keep improving your content writing skills through a content management system (CMS)


To write, you have to read, in the process of improving your writing skills, you improve your reading skills as well. Yes, Linguisticians (Language specialists) say, listening skills improve speaking skills and reading skills improve your writing skills.

3. Updating the digital skills

This is very very important to a digital marketer. Why because, digital marketing is a dynamic field. Changes happen overnight. New tools, algorithm updates, new features in existing tools come frequently. To sustain in the digital marketing field, you need to update your digital skills every day. Blog helps you to test new tools by deploying and testing in WordPress.  If you can implement it on your blog, you can also implement it successfully on your company’s blog as well. As I told you, I treat the blog as my digital lab.

“The only source of knowledge is Experience – Albert Einstein”

4. WordPress Skills

WordPress is one of the best and top content management systems on the Internet. Joomla and Drupal are also the other top Content Management Systems. More than 27% of the Internet uses WordPress. Through WordPress, you will understand Themes, different plugins, web hosting, managing a blog and other tools.

Recently, I configured Facebook Instant Articles for my blog. It took 5 days for me to configure my blog. Now I know how to configure Instant Articles for a blog. That’s how I update my digital skills by learning and implementing them on my blog. You can read all my articles on my Facebook page. Instant articles are only for mobile users.

5. Social Media Skills

Facebook and other social media websites are adding new features every month. These features can be explored in your social media accounts. You need to have a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram Business account, LinkedIn company page to test these features and updates.

When I created a LinkedIn company page, the LinkedIn sales team mailed me regarding how to run ads on LinkedIn. They also shared few resources to learn LinkedIn ads. Here, I got the LinkedIn Marketing team E-mail ID, contact number and few resources. Can’t you learn LinkedIn ads like this? Of course, you need to invest to run ads. But, I think this is the way I start learning.

Important: To create a LinkedIn company page, you need to have a professional e-mail. Without having a domain and hosting you can’t get a professional e-mail from any professional e-mail service providers like Zoho or GSuite (Earlier Google Apps for Work)

Understand, How important to have a blog in your name. If you want to sign up for Facebook business manager, you need to have one professional e-mail. Not only for this, Many digital marketing tools ask your professional e-mail to sign up.

6. Personal Brand

The blog is your personal brand. If you can maintain your blog and your digital assets on a small scale. You can also maintain the company’s brand and digital assets on a large scale. What will you do for your personal branding? You should do something. Because you are claiming that you are a Digital Marketing Professional. If I type your name on Google, what links Google is showing. Check it and do SEO for your brand (Your Name).

Hope you understood why a digital marketer needs to be a blogger to sustain in this dynamic field. I am a novice in the digital marketing field and consistently learning digital marketing by blogging.

Thank you for reading this novice blogger article. If you have any query, you can comment under this post.

If you need any assistance in buying website name, hosting and setting a blog. You can reach me at [email protected]

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