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Career in LLB vs Digital Marketing

Career in LLB vs Digital Marketing

One day everyone needs to choose a career to achieve their dreams so they need to select a path to fulfil their dreams. But most of the students are following their passion by interest. Engineering and medicine and degree and not only this we have...

keyword research guide for beginners

Keyword Research Guide for Beginners

Keyword research appears to be somewhat confusing at first sight, but they play a vital role in the way search engines display your website to users. You have to master keyword research if you want to become SEO expert in digital marketing. It is...

vfx vs digital marketing

VFX vs Digital Marketing [Which is Better]

Vfx vs digital marketing, how many times you typed this query in Google to take career decision? You just want to choose a career in a field which can pay good in future. However, we often confuse to take better decision in choosing our career...

Skills to become Digital Marketer

Essential Skills to Become Pro Digital Marketer

Many students and working professionals asked me “What skills I need to become a digital marketer”. I have done some research work and added a few skills to become a successful digital marketer. Main Source of this post is Sorav Jain ...

Link Building Article by Digital John

How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks?

When it comes to reaching your audience online, content is king. Both businesses and blogs can benefit from prioritizing SEO efforts, particularly in the form of building high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are links to your content featured on...

learn email marketing step by step - digital john blog

Learn Email Marketing | Step by Step Guide

Email In this article you will learn What is Email Marketing? Metrics in Email Marketing How to build an email list? Best practices to avoid spam Email Marketing tools Email Automation New Technologies in Email marketing What is email marketing...

Digital John

Digital John is a Content Marketer in Digital Marketing. Also Digital Marketing Trainer,  Vernacular Blogger, YouTuber with qualified Management education in Marketing Specialization from Vanguard B-School. He won Best Digital Marketing Blogger in India Award in 2018 from Feedspot.


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