Seranking Pricing

Seranking Pricing

SERanking Review by digital john
SERanking Review by digital john

Seranking Pricing

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seranking pricing
seranking pricing

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Most of you requested me to write an SE Ranking review because I am using it now. let’s check why I use this tool.

People in the digital marketing field know very well about the game-changer, SEO. It is highly worshipped as a tool and feature. Now, what is this SEO? It is a simple yet very strong process of improving the quality as well as the quantity of a website or webpage from search engines. With the internet taking over the world, we are evolving at a rate that needs smart solutions and procedures. Anything apart from that only hinders the quality of results. We can make use of these tools constructively in order to create desirable results.

The percentage of success is always higher with better analytics and decisions. As humans, we tend to miss out on certain perspectives, but using AI can suffice and help with better action. More than just assistance, implementation of SEO allows higher understanding and quick optimization. To be able to use it efficiently, the only way is to use tools as doing this will put the efforts into measurable use. To sustain with more reliability and accuracy, SEO tool is must as they save your time and cost along with in-depth visualization and conceptualized data presentation.

One such SEO tool that has been high on the talks is SE Ranking, we have done a thorough study with an unbiased review to help you view it better. Currently, we are using the SERanking tool for our SEO works.

SE Ranking Review by digital john
SERanking Review by digital john

SE Ranking tool:

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform for SEO and various other related tools. They are a business with a mission to develop SEO software that allows anyone to optimize and promote a website independently, regardless of the expertise. It is a tool that helps your business be self-sufficient, supported by their vision of constantly improving the user experience and functionality by providing the best on the market. Now, in comparison to its competitors namely, Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs and AgencyAnalytics, it offers most tool varieties with prices favourably reasonable and affordable than the rest.

Since it has more tools to offer, as they claim with their title, all-inclusive, we can expect a better ranking with the union and combined usage of these tools. Being a cloud-based software, it adds to the ease and exempts you from downloading software, as you can just hop into the website and log in or just use the mobile app.

Understanding features:

1. Keyword rank tracker

If SEO is the tree, keywords are the root. This analogy clearly explains to you each of their roles well. Choosing the right keywords and optimizing accordingly will help you land your page at the top ranks thus increasing traffic to the website. SE ranking provides an all-inclusive tracker that consists of the following:

  • Historical ranking of keywords most important to you, to study the growth of it in terms of rank.
  • It Covers major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Yandex and allows customization for each.
  • Ranking based on the device allows you to alter according to the usage of the client.
  • Forecasting of search volume and relative traffic that helps you stay on top of the game.
  • Shows paid ranking (Google Ads) in google.
  • Allows checking on competitors keyword ranking.
Position Tracking Tool

2. Keyword suggestion tool

If you are out of words, which is a normal case scenario after extensive usage and content creation, this tool finds you the best performing keywords after a thorough look into your website. With a database of 2 billion keywords you are sure to find way more than you asked for, you can as well stock up your content calendar for further use. By including the keywords listed by this tool, your site visibility will reach its best optimum as it follows accurate analysis and forecasting before presenting.

The goal is to look for keywords with relatively high search value, volume and low competition,  SE Ranking does this the best with this tool.

Picked for you Types of keywords in SEO

Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool

3. Website Audit

Just usage of the right keywords is not enough to fetch ideal results, if the website has glitches it would hinder the ability to rank well. By making use of this audit, you can check the following:

  • Overall website health
  • Parameters per page
  • Meta tags and headers
  • Image optimization
  • User experience issues

By running this check, you can avail a complete report sighting the glitches and possible actions for the same. This can be done several times, helping you check the previous audit and understand the improvement since last time. Auditing allows you to evaluate its overall performance by seeing what kinds of strategies are working, and the best steps you can take to improve your website. Auditing the site and improving the technical SEO is important for core web vitals.

Audit your website

4. Backlink explorer

These backlink checks help to list down valid and invalid links and choose accordingly. SE Ranking runs backlink checks using 15 parameters that provide you with the best of the links to acquire backlinks from. These backlinks affect the search ranking, hence running this check will enable the right decisions.

Domain trust is a trusted indicator of a site’s authority and choosing the highest domain trust will enable your site to be visible on top. Not only this, but you can also check the backlinks of your competitors and use those links for higher reach.

Backlink Checker

5. On page checker: SE Ranking Review

When a prospect types in a query, your page should be optimized enough to answer it appropriately. How do we check the optimization? SE Ranking provides the best way to do this, the on-page SEO checker tool not only shows you how well the page is optimized but also presents a series of recommendation and fixes to help you perform better.

By using this tool, you can save a significant amount of time and get a hands-on detailed analysis of the page which eventually helps you rank the page better.

What could be better than ready to use leads? Apart from getting things right and optimizing in the best way possible, getting the right leads is still a task. The lead generator tool makes it a cakewalk for you by generating the leads you need for an SEO business.

Also, read On-Page SEO ranking factors

6. Page changes alert

Having an eagle’s eye is a must for smoothly running processes. Knowing what actions have been taken and changes made in them are highly important. This tool helps you keep track of any changes made to the webpage. A balance is maintained with a thorough check and such reviews can help frame the consistency in brand messaging by inputs and checks from other team members as well. Mostly we use this feature to check the competitor’s page changes.

Page Changes Monitoring

7. White label reporting

Any agency that portrays complete dependency easily gains more trust as it showcases expertise and skilful handling. SE Ranking understands this well and allows you to put your own logo while any report is made for the client. With comprehensive reports that are appealing and can be altered in terms of colour to match the brand image, the overall presentation escalates the game and creates an aesthetic brand image. This feature is useful for digital marketing agencies.

White Label: drive business and customer loyalty

8. Most unique: Social Media Management

You surely will not find this additional tool in other SEO automation tools. Creating reports, content, storing them and optimizing according to various social media platforms could be quite a task. But with this tool, all of it becomes hassle-free and in fact more accurate.

By offering features like auto-post across multiple platforms it is just worth every penny. What makes it a deal-breaker is the option of identifying the best time to engage with the target audience and post at that time, giving higher page interaction. Well, too good to be real holds true here as it also suggests and highlights the type of content that yields the best results.

Is there anything else you could probably ask for? As mentioned before, the pricing is very reasonable starting from $18.6 for 14 days and $39 per month. Competitors have a starting range on the higher end, ranging from $39 for 14 days to $79 for 30 days.

The tools and operations can be altered and customized individually according to one’s budget as well. If you are still considering the pay, you would surely give in on knowing the presence of highly effective customer support along with the additional benefits such as webinars and community enrollments.

Request a demo

If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of the free trial and check if it suits your needs, it ideally should do so. For a more demanding business, SE Ranking can be opted along with another optimal tool since the reports it provides are not enough for highly informed decisions and also the backlink data is feeble with not enough comprehensive data.

Overall, SE Ranking is highly recommendable owing to its accessibility and flexible pricing. With more than 2,00,000 users onboard, they surely are keeping up the game. Apart from minimal drawbacks which can be neglected for a small agency or as a beginner, this tool does quite the work and beyond that thus serving you quality and desirable result of better page ranking.

You can compare SE Ranking with any other tool in the market and make a wise decision.

To learn SEO and more and apply digital marketing for your blooming business in the best possible way, feel free to contact us for courses curated ideally for you.

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Digital John
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