Missing Elements of Digital Marketer

Missing Elements of Digital Marketer

Missing Elements of Digital Marketer

I am writing this article after observing few digital marketing learners. This might be my assumptions also. Please feel free to comment your opinion after reading this blog.

Missing Elements of Digital Marketer

Today, people started learning digital marketing because it’s a trending job. But, learning digital marketing directly without knowing what is marketing and business will not make you good digital marketer. In this blog I will be sharing why these skills are important for a digital marketing learners to become the Best Digital Marketing Professional in foreseeable future.


If you cannot read hard copy of a book, you can’t read soft copy as well. Here the skill is able to read either on paper or digital. If you can’t draw a picture on paper, then obviously you can’t draw a picture on any designing software. Here the skill is able to draw. Either it’s on paper/wall or software. Then how can you learn digital marketing without knowing what is Marketing?

Don’t think just sales and advertising are the Marketing. Marketing is a broader term in the business. Sales and Advertising are the subsets of Marketing.

I recommend you to read Philip Kotler book and understand how companies Market their products and services. All the Business Schools teach Marketing subject by Kotler book. Philip Kotler is a World’s renowned Marketing Consultant. He quotes majority of the examples from the United States. Relate those examples to Indian content. Understand how Brands segment their products and position in consumer mind.

Market Research

Market Research is a scientific process that is used to track or to know the brand engagement customer behavior, needs, wants and other important data by doing deep driven analysis through the data. This Data is used to analyze by following various qualitative and quantitative techniques. Market Research is a concise process of gathering required data for finding the to draw a reasonable solution to a particular problem.

Research proved that All the Multi-National Companies from United States failed to do their business in first attempt in India. But, they came back with new strategy after doing Market Research in India. Example: McDonalds failed in first attempt. Because in U.S McDonalds serves Beef and Pork. Indians won’t prefer Beef and Pork. After Market Research they understood and came with Veg and Chicken dishes to cater Indian Consumers. Market Research helps to find problems of the businesses.

Business Objectives

Those who are learning digital marketing directly, most of them don’t know why companies do Business and what are their Business Objectives. Without understanding what is Business, you can’t understand business objectives. As a digital marketer you need to know organization objectives.

Business Objectives differ from Industry to Industry and Company to Company. I will give few business objectives to make you understand. Example, New startup wants to create brand awareness among their targeted customers. Here Brand awareness is one of the objectives. Acquiring news customers is also an objective, Increasing the sales from 8% to 15% can be objective.

A Company may have several business objectives also.

Objectives for a Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, your objectives may be

  1. Increasing signups for your software product
  2. Generating the leads
  3. Increasing app downloads
  4. Increasing the web traffic
  5. Increasing the online sales
  6. Increasing the open rate to your email campaigns
  7. Creating brand awareness
  8. Increasing the social media engagement, etc.,

these are the few sample digital marketing objectives

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