How Writing Changed the World

How Writing Changed the World

How writing changed the world
How writing changed the world

Know more about How writing changed the world

How Writing Changed the World
How Writing Changed the World

With the world going through phases of evolution, one of the most historical phases began with the beginning of storing information through carvings, drawings and writings. It was primarily started to achieve communication beyond geographical boundaries and also beyond the grave. Since then, humans have looked onto writing to keep counts, names over long periods of time. They altered and sculptured writing to reflect their needs and desires.

Cuneiform is one of the earliest forms of writing known to mankind. Researchers believe that writing was simultaneously invented during four ancient civilizations, namely the Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and Lowland areas of southern Mexico. Probably through the process of cultural diffusion, there was amalgamation and reproduction of scripts which lead to new additions in script types and forms.

The reason for Y writing changed the world

This invention can be a huge reason for our mere existence. Human civilization was possible only through the invention of writing. If not for writing, it would have been difficult for our species to exist with such massive developments. In the olden days, kings ordered rules and regulations to be written throughout towns for people to follow. Literacy, education, understanding and development of small-sized markets started to slowly pop up.

Humans were having access to more accumulative knowledge that could not only be used but also stored safely for longer durations. The memory power of the mind is something that cannot be relied upon, it could lead to wars. The concept of trust might have originated with writing, as contracts, agreements and bonds of today’s world might have evolved from the past from processes that involved wordings to be declared in writing to build trust.

Apart from various ways that writing has contributed to evolution, leading to the present day, it has also helped in various other aspects. It made it possible for us to mark geographical regions and secure our nations through maps and writings over. For the highly branched tree of communities to perish and sustain to this present day, writing has been the strong, deep root holding onto customs and cultures that have been possible to pass onto next generations.

How Writing Changed the World
How Writing Changed the World

Y people adapted to writing 

During the olden times, it was not possible for everyone to attain education, as it was not established as a curriculum. Only a few curious, intellectual people had the boon to discover and invent new learnings. The rest of them focused on bare survival by hunting or harvesting. It is quite understandable that in such a situation, the need to educate and spread knowledge to crowds was essential. Just sharing verbal information led to terrible misinterpretations and misunderstandings that would sometimes even defame the scholar himself. To overcome all of this, writing came into the picture. With instructions, findings and lessons are written on stones and pillars of towns, people started adapting to better practices.

Artisans were considered as highly scholar people, artists that included craftsmen and poets, wrote their lifestyle and expressed their deep thoughts for the common people. Such writings became seriously followed by crowds and towns and this eventually led to the formation of creeds, languages, scripts.

How writing changed the world during wars

Later on, kings and rulers exchanged goodwill and valuable information through writing letters that were transported by various means. During wars, code language was used and the person at the other end had to decode writings to understand them. We could go on about such magnificent instances that have shaped our present-day life. But to truly understand the power that writing carries with itself, we must look at the way it played a major role in the eradication of social evils.

With civilization taking place at one end, there was one loop following along, due to no sophisticated means of interpreting writings, a lot of the communities were indulging in social evils that were threatening the progress of civilization. Stealing, improper usage of the land, resources were causing havoc and the spread of diseases.

At such a chaotic time, writing instructions at regular intervals and distances caused a massive reduction in social evils. When people had sufficient access to higher standards, ways and purpose of living, they could understand and follow better practices. Stealing came down through a system of standard measure such as a coin that had written signs or symbols on them that portrayed certain weightage.

Apart from artists and scholars of those times hadVaidh’s who can be called doctors of ancient times, they were into the herbal treatment of diseases. It was only possible to sustain medicinal cures, formulas and herbs through their writings.

How writing changed the world in present days

Through all these ancient learnings it is crystal clear that writing has woven the dress for us to be worn as civilization and existence. Without it, we would have been way back in time struggling to achieve the bare minimum. Preset day as well, humans have modified writing styles, data that is the modified version, which now holds the highest value. The world runs on different forms of data.

We have libraries, educational institutions, laws, courts and the judiciary system, all of these are surviving and growing on a strong base of information that persists through writing and storage. You reading this blog today is also only possible because the writing was one day invented. The glorious hymns, mythologies, history, existence of mankind, ancient gods and goddesses, Chitra Katha’s and our holy scriptures that add meaning to life are all existing only through writings.

Writing can be strongly called a worship-able invention. We have managed to reach the moon and other planets by solving equations of math and science that need writing. Earlier days, writing was a process that demanded efforts, from carving to letters to texts, we have come a long way.

Our writing now has come down to simple texts, so easy to create with just a few clicks. This is how the world has changed, with the invention of writing. The ways and processes might have evolved and changed but the purpose still remains the same. Sharing information, providing education, encouraging literacy, establishing societal norms and rules, eradicating social evils, storing essential and valuable data, development and progress, expressing human needs and desires, expressing feelings, art and untouched words, spilling out beautiful poetry and all that ever was achievable through writing is still being achieved.

One such form of writing that will be remembered for years and decades to come is blogging. Through constant updated information and education that open up multiple boundary opportunities, we are sure to know that our future generations will rely on blogs for homework and interesting history lessons. It is safe to say that bloggers are the new age writers. It is now their turn to create new history.

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