How to Use Ahrefs for FREE (9 SEO Tools)

How to Use Ahrefs for FREE (9 SEO Tools)

How to Use Ahrefs for FREE - seo blog

This tool called ahrefs is very helpful for us in SEO. It is a premium tool. But they are offering a few of its features for free. These features are handy for beginners in Digital Marketing. I will tell you what they are and how to use them. let’s learn how to use Ahrefs for free…

1.Webmaster tool

ahrefs is providing a webmaster tool for free. ahrefs webmaster tool is like google search console, but it has some other good features. It tells us about how our website health is. How many backlinks does our website have? From which external links our website referring? This type of overview shows us. It includes mainly crawl log, todo, URL Explorer.

The negative point for us in this webmaster tool is that we can add only one website. This tool is enough for SEO beginners.

1)first, open 

then scroll down, at the bottom, under Free Tools, select Webmaster tools

ahrefs webmaster tool
ahrefs webmaster tool

2) then click on signup for free, and it will scroll down, then click on sign up with google by accepting terms and conditions.

3) Then it will ask for “Where did you learn about Ahrefs?” Type Google or Youtube. Then click on continue

4)After completing your sign up process, You need to add your project (Website)

after clicking add project, it will show you two options

· Import from Google Search Console

· Add Manually

If you already submitted your website in the Google search console, you should select the Google search console option; if not, add manually.

5) If you select the “import from Google search console” option, it will ask you to select the Gmail account. {Select the Gmail account from which Gmail your website submitted to Google Search Console} 

6) Then it will ask for allowing their Terms. After allowing them, your available websites can visible to you. If You have multiple websites, select one only, then Enable Crawl Extension Option and click on import.

Then You will see the complete Details of Your website

You can use this tool for

  1. Monitoring your SEO Health
  2. Knowing Your Backlinks
  3. See keywords that bring you traffic

Explore the  Ahrefs Webmaster tools

2. Backlink Checker

A backlink is a link created when one website gives a link to another website.

Just give the website’s URL and select country, then click on Search.

You can check the backlinks of any website from here for free. And also, it shows us URL rating, Domain Rating, and Referring Domains of Website.

It shows us up to 100 website data of given URL, from which websites they are having Backlinks.

backlink checker tool

Check your site backlinks with this backlinks checker tool

3. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are links that don’t work. Some of the reasons why links don’t work include: A website is no longer available. A webpage was moved without a redirect being added. 

We can Check if any broken links are there on our website. Broken links hurt your SEO efforts. Check broken links frequently and fix them.

Find broken links for your site by this broken links checking tool

4. Website Authority Checker

Website Authority/Domain Rating Depends on the quantity and quality of external backlinks to a website(Do follow/ Not Follow).

We can check the Domain Rating/ website authority of the website.

ahrefs website authority checker

5. Keyword Generator Tool

This keyword generator tool is so much useful for beginners. If you want to rank top on a search engine, this is the first step you should take in SEO. Proper keyword research is essential to start SEO works. There are many types of keywords in SEO. You have to pick the right keywords wisely.

If you Enter a Specific keyword in this tool, it will show you how much competition is there for that keyword and how much search volume is there and how difficult it is to rank on top pages.

This tool Contains 4 Search Engines

Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon

In these search engines, we can get keyword ideas but Limited in the Free version.

ahrefs keyword generator

6. SERP Checker

This tool shows us which websites are ranking on the First Page for a Particular Keyword.

You can check those website’s Domain Rating, Page Rating, Search volume, How many Backlinks they are having, How many keywords are on their website page.

SERP Checker tool link

ahrefs serp checker

7. Seo Tool Bar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that provides valuable SEO data about the pages and websites you visit.

Its free features are:

  1. On-page SEO report
  2. Redirect tracer with HTTP Headers
  3. Broken link checker
  4. Link highlighter
  5. SERP positions

SEO Toolbar Extension for Google Chrome

SEO ToolBar Add-on for Mozilla Firefox

8. Keyword Rank Checker

We do keyword research and SEO with particular keywords. This tool will help us know whether our page will rank in the search engine or on which page our website ranking with that particular words. 

Explore keyword rank checker tool

keyword rank checker

9. Keyword Difficulty Checker

After choosing keywords for SEO, this tool tells us how many backlinks our website must have and how difficult it is for our website to appear on the front page when people search with that keyword.

ahrefs keyword difficulty checking tool

We can Rank on the first pages for below 40 Keyword Difficulty words. It is hard to do SEO for Above 40 Keyword Difficulty Words.

Access this tool from this link

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This article has written by Rakesh Bandari, our academy student. Edited by Digital John

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