How to Self Learn Digital Marketing

How to Self Learn Digital Marketing

How to self learn digital marketing
How to self learn digital marketing - digital john tips

Digital marketing is a great skill to acquire that helps you grow with a wide array of opportunities, as it doesn’t require you to limit your vision. The demand for people with relevant and result-oriented skills has been rising lately in this field. If you feel stuck and are open to some exploration, then try out these 10 tips to self-learn digital marketing. How to self-learn digital marketing tips are shared from my own digital marketing learning experience.

A lot of the investments we make end up fading into the dark when not utilized rightly, so as a beginner, it is best to try self-learning as an initial measure. With self-learning, people have been able to explore their capabilities on a higher spectrum range with minimal expenditure.

Try learning at least one thing by yourself, you will definitely end up finding a better way to do it, be it in terms of either methodologies or cash inputs. Well, not everything can be self-learned, try flying a plane without any instructor, you will learn only one trick, how to make blunders.

But it’s not the same with digital marketing, a skill that sometimes even needs to be self-learned despite all the classes and courses.

If you are curious as to how could this be possible, stick around to know more. I self-learned digital marketing. Writing from my experience.

1. The clarity in your decision:

When you talk about self-learning, one thing that comes along is a huge time investment. It takes time to do it yourself, so before choosing to self-learn digital marketing you need to be sure about it. There shouldn’t remain any unanswered questions in your mind about this decision. Investing so much energy and time just to leave it midway might saturate your tendencies of accomplishment.

The clarity on your decision

So, it’s best to figure to why you wish to learn and sustain in this field. Do not fall for the bogus pressure of peers, families or trends.

2. Start a website

Start your own self-hosted WordPress website or blog. This platform will enable you to get a hands-on learning experience without the hassles of backend work that you would need as a beginner. No coding, HTML, CSS, or any other programming language.

How to Self Learn Digital Marketing
How to Self Learn Digital Marketing

With this benefit of readymade drag and drop skills, you can focus better on key learnings. Just as we have practicals in various subjects, we can implement and use this website as a practical learning space to implement the teachings and measure our knack at it.

3. Create a business social media presence

Start your Facebook page or profile with the assumption that it is your existing business. If you treat this page with an intention of achieving growth, you will surely best learn the concepts.

Create a business social media presence
Create a social media presence to improve your growth in digital marketing

With paid courses, you just end up with the theoretical idea of the tools, their applications, and usage. But by running an actual account, you can gain direct access to insights that would sharpen your analytical skills.

This page might as well end up being your business page.

4. Learn free structured courses:

Online courses that are available for free have a certain structure associated with them that helps you understand concepts better. Self-learning does surely help you with vast knowledge, but there is no harm in making use of resources available at hand. Some guidance along with self-wisdom opens better doors.

Free digital marketing courses
100% Free Courses

You can check out our blogs and get started with free courses that have already helped learners improve their skillsets. Major platforms such as Facebook and HubSpot have a wide collection of free courses to choose from, some even provide certification.

Picked for you: Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certifications

5. Read books

The knowledge you can gain from one book is equal to 50 plus online courses. It has immense knowledge with in-depth understanding and comprehensive teachings. Books can be your preliminary source from which you pick the right strategies.

Read books

If you are a content creator or wish to start content creating, then you must check out the book ‘Content Ink’, and many other digital marketing books.

Buying books does require some investment, but you can also avail yourself of a few of them for free, either online or on kindle.

6. Apply

The learning process is incomplete until you apply all the knowledge that you gain from books, free courses, sites, or any resources. Once you apply, that’s when you actually learn how to do things rightly. For applying these learnings, you can make the best use of your website, social media platforms and alter them according to your needs. Experimentation can be done best in the initial stage, apply and try out every tool you learn about.

Apply what you learn practically

Let’s take an example, consider that you have learned about ‘on page SEO’, now you need to know how to apply ‘on page SEO’ on articles, e-commerce platforms, service pages, and many different places. Try out all ways and understand every possible way of applying these teachings.

Applying is important as you get to ‘Do and learn’, rather than just knowing about different fundamentals.

7. Networking

One major skill that holds together and puts life into the rest of the ways is networking. Digital marketing is all about networking, in this era, you need to put yourself out there. Put your introvert side in your pocket and just get yourself known to fellow digital marketers. This way you will learn about different approaches, strategies, and ideas.

One major skill that holds together and puts life into the rest of the ways is networking.

There are many ways by which you can network, choose your niche and find people who are good at it, and join them. Your network is your secret credibility, join Facebook groups, connect on LinkedIn or join and form a community.

Some are free, some are paid on a yearly subscription basis. Apart from virtual connection, you can always attend live workshops, digital fests, or just organize marketers to meet up and get to know each other.

Network to see great net worth!

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8. Internships:

Internship opportunities always help you set the path right, they prepare you for the final job by giving a detailed experience of onsite routines. After one or two internships, your profile gains some stability and experience and it helps you crack interviews with some boldness and confidence. There will be higher chances for you to be selected as a fresher. Internships are your secret step to crack high-profile jobs.

Digital marketing interrnship

By doing internships you get the opportunity to apply all the above learnings with guidance and with some backend support. For instance, when it comes to running ads, you need a product or service. And with internships, you have a readymade system and product ready to be used.

Make sure to be versatile and learn from seniors of other fields as well. Never forget to take active feedbacks to know areas you are good at or areas you need to work out on.

9. Small projects

Taking up small digital marketing projects such as social media marketing projects, WordPress website designing projects or Facebook advertising under limited budgets ranging from 5k to 10k will make you a smart worker for sure.

Taking up of small projects

By giving real on-time results and bringing to the table better sales, you will gain confidence and this enables you to take bigger steps.

Start small this way and get ready to grab bigger opportunities, your clients might as well recommend you for bigger projects of higher budgets or refer you to high-end clients.

Make sure you deliver the utmost quality.

10. Accelerate:

Coming to the last point, to sustain all of the above you need to keep growing and accelerating. Don’t stay content with a few projects, develop a hunger to achieve more. You need to introspect your skills on a regular basis and understand where you are lacking, reach out to mentors, and fill in the voids.


Acceleration happens when you either know better than yesterday or perform better than yesterday. So, make sure to keep your feet on that acceleration paddle always.

Contact me at Digital John for more informative tips. You can follow my content and hit the right acceleration paddle with me.

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