How to Become a Professional Blogger in 2021

How to Become a Professional Blogger in 2021

How to Become a Professional Blogger
How to Become a Professional Blogger

Most of you are searching for how to become a professional blogger on Internet, The answer is here. Today, we have enough resources to educate you step by step. blogging carnival is one such source.

Gone are the days where we had limited options and variations in professional life, starting from young graduates to people in a mid-life crisis, all are breaking patterns to blend hobbies with professional life. Now, more emphasis is given to self-satisfactory practices than just monetary satisfaction. The spectrum for success and achievement has drawn different definitions. Regular 9 to 5 is being ditched for better life choices and lifestyle.

Why pay those endless EMI’s for house loan when you can actually buy a house at one shot, that too by doing something you like and having no boss above you? Dream come true I must say!

Blogging is making content online and sharing information on a regular basis. You can call it an online journal, or a digital diary. A blog is more dynamic than a website as regular information is being updated from time to time. The content is displayed in reverse chronological order, with the newest post on the top.

Before you decide to become a full-time blogger, it is very necessary to understand various aspects like; Why, How, what to blog and many more.

The answer to why is purely a self-based study, but we can help you with the how part.

How to become a professional blogger

Who is a professional blogger? Someone who makes blogging their full-time profession and makes a living out of this. If you feel that you have the right skills and a good way with words, then you should totally consider taking this up full-time. Just imagine, you choose your workplace, be it the beach or mountains, cafe or rooftop. All you got to do is write your heart out.

It does sound all merry but like all fields, you need to be patient with results in this field as well. In the initial days, you might start feeling clueless and lost, but if you have the right guidance then your journey of professional blogging can hit high charts from the very beginning. Let us understand the process stepwise so that we don’t miss any aspect.

1. Evaluate

The first step is to always evaluate, analyze and introspect. What brought you here, is this the right decision for you in terms of your financial needs, does it make you happy? Just blindly starting something new or following the trend will lead you nowhere. Blogging is art, it needs skills and streamlining. Yes, anyone can write a journal and start blogging, but there is always a procedure you need to follow in order to stand out.

Read blogs of famous bloggers, find out various niches and see what grabs your attention. Sometimes our niche might be in our best interests, but it may not be in high demand, so it is best to smartly choose a niche that fits your area of interest and is the market buzz.

This is business, so you need to apply the law of demand and supply here as well. To sustain, you need to give what is needed. So, choose wisely.

Also, read How to Find the Right Niche for your blog

2. Setup

Just writing is not enough, you have to figure out a way for your writing to reach the right audience in order to monetize. There are various aspects involved in this that need to be addressed to complete the action and get the desired result.

The main part of this step is planning, once you have decided your niche you need to plan your entire sequence, course and schedule. Without a plan, you would be lost and will not be able to direct your targets. In order to be a professional, you need to brand yourself by creating an identity, you can as well set up a separate account that gives it a touch of authenticity. setting your blogging domain, web hosting for your blog and social media handles are part of it.

3. Knowledge

Knowing how to write a blog online is not enough, you will need to have good knowledge about online marketing tools as well. SEO, graphics, Google algorithms, blogging software’s, knowledge of how to promote blogs are some must know’ s. To survive, a professional blogger needs to be an all-rounder and multitasker. Since this field has been gaining top standards, there are various sources available for learning the art of this step by step. Blogging carnival workshop is the best source to start with.

If you keen on being the best and are serious about this path, then there are various blogging course curated to help you get started the right way. Knowledge needs to be backed with interest, if you have the interest and no knowledge, you can still learn blogging. This question of how to learn blogging often comes up many times for beginners, to answer this, there are numerous specialized online blogging courses that will teach you every bit of how to write a blog online. These blogging courses can give you a great advantage and boost your professional blogging career.

4. Implementation and evaluation

Once you have all the setup and knowledge ready, you need to implement all of this. To monetize, you can make use of Google AdSense, try affiliate marketing, review businesses, set up subscription plans and get your audience to buy your services, writing for another business and maintaining their blog is a great option as well.

In this implementation step, it is recommended for you to give a taste of your writing to your readers, have an authentic style or greeting or closing statement that will help your reader to connect with you. Follow a pattern, writing haphazardly will only lead to reduced readers. Be open to comments and reviews as it is a great way to interact with your audience. By using multiple platforms to share, you can increase blog visibility. Transparency is highly appreciated by people, share your blogs consistently but apart from that share your blogging journey as well. Do you want me to share my blogging journey? let me know in the comments, if I get enough comments, I will write.

How to Become a Professional Blogger
How to Become a Professional Blogger

On social media you can show your readers the process of writing, your struggles, your habits and your practices while writing as this subtle information builds a deep connection with the audience and every time they read your blog, they will be able to connect and understand you better. This adds instant value to your work and gains your long time loyal readers.

5. Consistency

Stay consistent and write on a daily basis, it is also beneficial to stock your writings to post later. Evaluation after implementation is very important, as only this will give you an idea of the efficiency of writing. While evaluating, keep certain factors in mind such as what does my audience like, what is the objective of this blog, Am I getting the desired response and so on. Try different methods such as adding pictures, graphics, highlights or font, presentation tactics and evaluate what’s working well.

These 5 are core steps, they are subtle aspects and brief standards, but professional blogging includes a lot more learning. To get a detailed clear picture and learn to blog you can enrol for blogging courses that teach you every aspect and prepare you with better outreach by framing your skills. Tools are needed in every business, and the tools for blogging are specific and demand the right usage for effective results.

We cannot learn this randomly from online sources because in spite of being informative it is highly vague. So, it is best for a serious professional blogger to enrol themselves in a blogging course that will give them a crisp detail of how to do blogging online.

For online blogging courses, feel free to contact me. I have practical knowledge and experience which will allow me to keep you one step above all. Don’t clog your brain and open up to a blog.

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