How Students can Benefit from LinkedIn

How Students can Benefit from LinkedIn

How Students can Benefit from LinkedIn

As a college student, all of us have been through the stage where we know what we want but never seem to figure out ‘HOW’. The destiny might be clear to most of us, but the road that leads to that destiny might not have been discovered yet. I know very well how scary it is, the situation you are unsure about, and your future.

But you must know that there is always help that you can find in some form or the other, and we are here to help you with a Magic tool, literally!

A tool that will save you months of struggling to find jobs and also help you start your journey way ahead in life.

1. Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is an app or a platform that is way much more than just finding jobs. It can be seen as your bid for your skills. Did you get skills? Throw it out there, and you will attract clients/job opportunities even better than a magnet. Being authentic also guarantees you genuine sources and experiences.

How Students can Benefit from LinkedIn

We always think that to reach big, there is no easy way out, or it just can’t be done without influence. But here, LinkedIn is proving all stereotypes and myths wrong. Pure skill and no influence does most of the work here. You won’t have to bother about cumbersome and gruesome processes anymore, as when a client chooses you, they already would have a glimpse of your capabilities matching their needs through the profile you’ve created on this platform. Within months people and students have multiplied their bank digits using their skill set and an open platform like LinkedIn. The best part is that you could also be a student working extra hours and using the skills, and still people could prefer you.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is picking up a significant sensation as it is very convenient and wouldn’t need you to be obligated to extra work just for the pay. Just as a business receives inbound leads, you can too receive inbound internship/job offers directly in your LinkedIn inbox with the rightly created profile.

It has been noticed that the culture followed and maintained by the users on this platform is genuine empathy. Thus you will very well see that if you upload a post seeking a particular opportunity, you are sure to find leads in the comment section helping you connect to the suitable sources. Isn’t this just what you would want?

3. Professional Networking

In the struggle where your fellow mates would be struggling to find contacts and get through layers of the tier system, your profile is already being viewed by top agencies, creating a highly effective network for you. Considering the power of the web and networking, you will be surprised to see yourself being seen as a no-nonsense for a skilled person, as people would have gotten to know you through your profile and would directly jump into your skillset.

Isn’t that so relieving? You can cut short the process of building authenticity and trust by having a finely created student profile for yourself.

How cool would it be if you monetize your skill as well? Well, with messages such as ‘How much would you charge for service’ popping up in and out, you are sure to realize the power and essence of knowledge sharing on LinkedIn. Adding up all these strategies and opportunities, you can surely be confident enough to not rely on college placements anymore as you would’ve already built a network strong enough to help you land better career options through LinkedIn presence.

I’m sure, as I said before, by becoming a part of this culture that symbolizes empathy, you would soon be making a post on ways to use LinkedIn for your fellow college students owing to the unbelievable heights you would have conquered already through your presence on LinkedIn.

4. Final Words

Create your own LinkedIn profile, update it with every piece of information, a professional photo, summary, education details, etc., Use the LinkedIn mobile app to stay updated. send connection requests to top professionals in the industry that you want to work with. For example, if you want to work in Finance industry, then send connection requests to finance professionals like the chief financial officer, etc.,

Bonus tip:

Start creating content on LinkedIn to increase your profile visibility. So that professionals will remind you to give you opportunities.

If you are a student and looking for opportunities in digital marketing, then I highly recommend you to connect with me on LinkedIn. I will definitely help you. Digital John LinkedIn profile

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