How Meghana became Financially Independent

How Meghana became Financially Independent


Every women’s goal is to be financially independent. This is the story of Meghana, who became financially independent after learning digital marketing and applying it to her skill. Read till the end and take inspiration from Meghana.

1. Brief intro

In 2020, I thought to give up my digital marketing training to focus more on providing digital marketing services to my clients. Because I had bad experiences with the previous student. During that time one student messaged me on Instagram for Digital marketing training. I said, “I have a video course, buy and learn”. Student asked for Digital marketing live one-on-one training. I tried to reject the student but the student came again and convinced me to teach her one-on-one. I have never given live training, that one-on-one for me was difficult at that time due to my hectic schedule. Because of her inclination towards my training, I redeemed my time to teach her. Training started on June 10, 2020.

The student’s name is Meghana, she was doing her MBA from a premier business school in Hyderabad at that time. Being an MBA student learning digital marketing is very difficult due to the college schedule, assignments, group projects, individual assignments, internships, exams, etc., I faced this issue when I was learning digital marketing while doing my MBA in Bangalore. The biggest challenge here is time management. Meghana’s time management was commendable.

In my digital marketing training, I make every student start their own blog from scratch and work towards monetizing it. What I believe is, a blog is the practice ground for almost all the digital marketing modules. If students can do SEO for her blog, they can also do SEO for other sites. So to start a blog (website), I discussed with Meghana and found 2 talents in her, one in dance and another one in calligraphy. She has been teaching calligraphy for 5 years. I thought to leave the dance and pick calligraphy as her niche to practice digital marketing. She took to build a website for her own business. The journey has begun…

2. Before Training

Before taking the course, Meghana was clueless about her career. She was doing a sales internship and she didn’t like sales. She is interested in marketing but most of the roles are in sales only. She thought to learn digital marketing and switch from sales to digital marketing role after her MBA. She tried to learn digital marketing by pre-recorded video online courses but she couldn’t learn. That’s the reason why she opted for one-on-one live training.

3. After Training

After completing digital marketing training, she started taking digital marketing projects from the clients and started delivering the services. Whatever she did for her, she can do it for other clients also now. Her confidence increased when she brought results to her clients through her services. She chose digital marketing as her career now. She is working in a digital marketing agency. This was one of the best things that happened for her in 2020.

Earlier she was having a premium membership in 1 tutoring website to get prospects for her handwriting improvement course, now she doesn’t need any premium membership on any tutoring website. She is generating leads organically by doing SEO. 

She thanked me after training because I taught not only digital marketing, whatever she needs to run her business online.

She trained 5 other women and hired them to teach handwriting courses for her students. now she is busy with callistyle training works. She teachings handwriting improvement course and calligraphy online course.

4. My Learnings

I understood the role of individual mentorship in this journey. Because it played a major role in completing the course successfully.

Do not underestimate women in our society and families, support them, encourage them in every possible way. – Digital John

5. Meghana’s text review

I am very much grateful to Digital John Sir because of the Digital Marketing course that I have registered with Digital Badi has changed my entire life. It has definitely made me a better person today and has upgraded my knowledge to next level. I was not the same before as I was clueless about what am I going to do next and had questions if I can be any better tomorrow in this competitive world and I lacked confidence immensely. But then everyone has a turning point in their life, right?
So I had mine when I discovered this wonderful, trending, interesting and Digital Marketing course which is offered by “Digital Badi”

I once happened to watch their YouTube videos and I have started learning something new at that moment because their YouTube channel has a lot more useful and digital marketing educational content where every person even if you’re average at studies could easily understand their content. And then I happened to register for their course, that’s it, from there on I never looked back, kept going like a jet, learned many life lessons apart from educational content which made me a better human being today. I can proudly say that I will be able to lead an Independent financial life as I have started my own business that is, Callistyle where I teach Calligraphy writing and help students improve their Handwriting. This course has helped me expand my business, I have learned how to create my own website and create marketing posters and videos, learned about Social media marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, YouTube marketing, Google and Fb ads, etc…
I started my YouTube channel too. I started getting leads organically and business is going really well now.

I would definitely recommend Digital Badi because I have taken one-on-one training and also every aspect was taught to me in practical where I was told to do every work simultaneously with Digital John Sir in the class itself. No theory was ever given to me only practical knowledge I imbibed from the course.
This course is 100% worth the money and you will agree with me once you complete taking their course.

Alright, All the best guys! Happy Learning ya’ll 🙂
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6. Video Review

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