How Engineer turned Digital Marketer via Blogging?

How Engineer turned Digital Marketer via Blogging?

Gowardhan doddi

My Blogging Journey 2011-2019

In 2011 when I was browsing the internet, I found some advertisements like work from home and earn money, I was excited. I was wondering is it really possible to work from home? And I came across many scams and time waste programs like clicking on Ads etc., But Finally I understood that Blogging is Authentic way of earning money online.

So, I decided to know more about blogging and how much money one can earn from blogging etc. and I have interestingly found that Amit Agarwal from Agra is a full-time blogger. Again, this was a shock to me. Full time blogging means he doesn’t do any other job or work except blogging, so how much was he earning by blogging? I came to know it’s around 10 lakhs / month.

2011 – Started my First Blog

This inspired me very much and I started a blog in 2011 to earn money and become a full-time Blogger gradually, So was working hard learning graphic design, SEO and writing articles, somehow I was able to write more than 5 articles a week – That’s really high frequency.

Now it’s time for applying to Google AdSense, because that’s the only thing I know about monetizing a blog and now I don’t even consider it is the right way to monetize a blog. So, what happened is Google approved my Blog and I am very happy

2012 – Got my First AdSense Cheque

Started displaying ads and I used to get good traffic like 2000-page views / day and you know I was earning around 1-2$ per day so after sometime google sent me a Cheque for 200$ after sometime. For the effort I have put it was really less money but a Cheque coming from Google is motivating, don’t you agree?

So, I continued with writing blogs, soon what happened is google has reduced the Cost per click further and revenues dropped, so at this point of time I thought “This is not the right way” Then I have realised the fact that to earn money from Google AdSense we need a lakh of visitors to blog every day.

2013- Diagnosed with Diabetes

So Now I started experimenting a lot and was working really hard to make it big with blogs, one fine day in our Company’s Annual Medical Checkup My Doctor told you are prediabetic, if you don’t take care now you will become a fully blown diabetic.

I felt very depressed and devastated. I asked God Why me?

After sometime I realised there is no other way except to accept this and move on.

At this point of time, I thought why should I not combine my passion with my problem

My passion = Blogging

My problem= Diabetes

My passion + My problem =

2014- Started a Blog on Diabetes

My Blog on diabetes was born in 2014. So, this is my personal problem. So, I was sharing all the important information related to controlling diabetes in the form of blogs and slowly I was getting good traffic too. It’s been a year since I started the blog I was getting around 400-page views / day on average.

2015 – Tried Affiliate Marketing

But how will I monetize this? I don’t want to use AdSense. So, I have signed up for Amazon Affiliates program and started promoting some products which are on Amazon related to diabetes and health. I was making around 5000₹ / month.

2017 – Created Information products

This was also not great, So I had to do something, And I understood the fact that we need to have our own products before we actually start a blog. That’s the biggest mistake I made. So, I started creating an eBook followed by an Online course and also focused on building an email list.

When I focused on doing all these things money came in.

At one point of time I was able to generate a revenue of 40-50k per month. By selling my eBook, Online course and diet plan services.

A powerful blog has so much power, I can proudly say Doctors consulted me for Diet plans even though I was a Mechanical Engineer.

I have to tell you one thing here, money will not flow in easily you have to work hard for it, when I started diabetes blog

I don’t know much of social media

I don’t know Landing pages

I don’t know email marketing

I don’t know copy writing

But I have learnt everything in the process, I have learnt digital marketing without knowing that it is digital marketing.

2019 – Changed my Career path

Digital marketing is something which became famous recently. So, I entered in 2019 and accidentally saw that there are companies who are recruiting digital marketing professionals, I thought why shouldn’t I try for this and started applying for many jobs, I have applied for many jobs may be more than 50 and received calls from 3 people and got selected in one which I am working now.

Finally, in May 2019 I attended the interview and I showcased my blog and what I have achieved with it, i.e. generating revenue as the proof to my digital marketing skills and they selected me as a Digital Marketing Manager. At this point of time I don’t have any digital marketing certification

This is my experience, it took me a lot of time to come here, because I was passive with my efforts and before 2015 it was considered highly risky to get into Blogging or anything which meant making money online.

But now the scenario is totally different. It is possible to become Solopreneur or Infopreneur – This is the right time to start Blogging.

About the Author

Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer, He has learnt digital Marketing by blogging since 2011. He has generated 6 lakhs in revenue in 3 years from his diabetes blog applying Inbound Marketing Methodology and Email Marketing.

He has also changed his Career as a fulltime Digital Marketing Manager in 2019 after working passively for 8 years. He shares all the mistakes he did in blogging in his blog

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