Freelance Digital Marketing, your Gen-Z fit Profession!

Freelance Digital Marketing, your Gen-Z fit Profession!

freelance digital marketing opportunities in India -

Freelance digital marketing is one of the untapped money-making opportunities in the digital marketing industry in India. Most digital marketers are preferring to work in a company or agency. Look at the scope beyond your comfort zone.

What does a freelance Digital marketer do?

Your main work would be helping companies and clients promote their services and products in the best way possible. It also includes driving the target audience to the client’s website/app and getting conversions done. As a freelancer, you will be given work in the form of projects and paid accordingly. Isn’t this just your perfect dream job?

1. Advantages of Freelancing

  1. No extra work hours
  2. no extra workload
  3. Work in your ways
  4. Working remotely from any place

Do you choose your method of working and the best part? You can work from wherever just make sure you have an internet connection. No more boring office meetings, long travel hours, monotonous formal wears or month-end salary wait.

Yes! This can be true if you opt for freelancing in Digital Marketing as your career.
It all sounds fun and it is fun. Being your own boss, making your own rules and working for something that is trending. If you are planning to start a new career or switch careers, this is your wake-up call.

2. Demand for Freelance digital marketing

But is there enough demand for such a spontaneous and flawless job?

Yes, the demand is increasing at the rate of increasing currency, even faster I must say. With traditional methods for marketing being thrown off due to high costs, time and wastage, Digital marketing is gaining immense importance. Along with fewer cost cuttings, time reduction and lesser wastage, it is also highly sustainable.

The main reason why companies are turning their faces towards digital marketing is just that most of their consumers are there and they do not want to miss out on any opportunity.

Digital marketing has many fields by itself and specialists in each field would be the best pick for job completion. This is one major reason that companies are looking out for freelancers who are specialists as they would have complete knowledge and experience with greater exposure.

3. Earnings in Digital Marketing Freelancing

What about the pay?

Just because it is fun and leisure you must be thinking for sure that the pay is where you have to compromise. Well, no! Not at all. In fact, Digital Marketing freelancers are making around 20LPA, way more than a normal job even with good years of experience. This is just an average figure, 23% of them are even making 60 LPA.
With no country boundary limitations, most of the freelancers also get clients from Australia, the USA and the UK. Scope of exposure, growth is glued to this field.

Initially, you might find it difficult to land clients but within months and with good connectivity, you are sure to land at least 10 clients. On average 13 to 15 projects per year with retained clients is considered stable and good to go.
It sure does have a major scope as the Digital era has just begun and it is going to be the future game. Master this game in this golden period and climb your way up to success. With such beaming opportunities on the go, grab this once in a lifetime offer and free yourselves from the rat race.

In conclusion, the world is yours and you can set yourself free from the traps of jobs with this upcoming era of digital marketing. Free yourself as a freelancer!

To start your journey with the right guidance, This could be your journey to be a millionaire.

4. How to start freelancing?

Before starting freelancing in digital marketing, you need to learn digital marketing and master at least one skill in digital marketing. You can become an SEO Specialist to offer SEO services. It can be Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, social media marketing or any other skill. you can learn digital marketing in 2 months with our live interactive online course or you can opt for classroom training in your city if available. Then focus on mastering one skill that brings you freelancing gigs. Most of the Indian freelancers get projects in SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing. So, focus more on these skills. If you really want to narrow down the niche expertise, you can consider e-commerce marketing, sales funnels, etc.,

5. How to Get Freelancing Gigs

I highly recommend you to build your personal brand with a blog or at least with your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise through your content (articles, posts, videos, case studies, testimonies). Building your personal brand helps immensely in getting freelancing gigs and the industry will notice you when you post content consistently.

A. Freelancing sites for digital marketing

There are websites where you can register as a freelancer to get projects. Few of them are

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. people per hour
  4. Scripted
  5. Guru

B. Online Communities

Online communities also one of the ways to get freelancing gigs. In India, most of the digital marketers are on Facebook groups. Join as a member of the existing digital marketing forums in India and start engaging with posts, start posting your content also. That is how you build your presence and relationship with fellow digital marketers.

Also read: How to get clients using Facebook Groups? 

C. Your Own website

Your site your own land, don’t neglect your website, start publishing content on your site which can bring freelancing gigs. Currently, I get freelancing gigs through my YouTube channel. I publishing 350+ tutorials on digital marketing in the Telugu language on my YouTube channel. Do effective content marketing for your website.

D. Collaborate with fellow freelancers

Assume that you are good at Facebook ads, you can collaborate with Google ads freelancers, SEO freelancers and other digital marketing freelancers. When you get Google Ads projects, you can give them to Google Ads freelancer. Similarly, they will pass Facebook ads projects to you. It all depends on how you build your connections.

E. Referrals

If you are providing quality digital marketing freelancing service to your existing clients, they will definitely refer you. That will be the most powerful way to get clients. Take care of your existing clients.

Freedom is the new-age status symbol. You can attain it by doing freelance digital marketing also. Hope this guide helped you to understand the potential of being a freelance digital marketer and how to start it. Let me know your thoughts on freelancing in the comment section.

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