How to do Effective Content Marketing?

How to do Effective Content Marketing?

Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the most misused word in digital marketing across the globe. What you read about content marketing and what today’s content marketers do is not the same. According to the content marketing institute’s 2019 B2B Benchmark’s report  39% of the content marketers don’t have a well documented content strategy for their organisation. Many times when I observe content marketing for the companies through their blog, vlog or social media handles, I feel that they are not moving as per the strategy because they may not have the strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, then everything goes on toss.

Let me explain 5 useful tips for your effective content marketing process

Effective Content Marketing


Every task in digital marketing starts with the objectives/goals, goals may be the brand awareness, brand consideration, sales, email opt-ins, increasing the traffic to the website from X% to Y%. You need to set proper goals before starting your content marketing. These goals help to execute content marketing without having many questions in your team. Yes, content team may have graphic designer, content writer, video editor, etc.,

Set goals and communicate to the content team.


To whom, you are doing this content marketing is important. Whom includes your target audience interests and other details. I recommend you to create user personas of your target audience. create negative personas also to exclude that -ve audience in your content efforts. This gives you a clear idea to execute as per the content marketing objectives. Hubspot has a free user persona creation tool called make my persona, check it for creation.


In the beginning, I didn’t know how to promote a blog after publishing it. Later, I created a separate promotion template on my own to promote my articles in a systematic manner. Use every opportunity to promote your content on social media. Email newsletters, push notifications, check previous articles to interlink ( this helps to increase the page authority).


This is the biggest issue to solve in your content marketing. If you can solve it, you are the master. I try to publish one video per week on my Telugu Digital Marketing YouTube channel, I was able to do it for 90%, my aim is to achieve 100%. That’s ok.

On average, I see the best blogs publish 1 or 2 articles per week. That is also hard to achieve as per my experience. Try to maintain the consistency in your content publishing. Either it’s a video, article, quote publishing on social media, etc.,

How to Measure

Before starting the measuring content marketing, decide how frequent you want to measure. I collect data once in a month and analyse. Measuring content marketing includes the data like how many articles you published in month (in my case), how much organic traffic came, how many email subscribers came, # of signups, sometimes sales also. I track per month.

I learned content marketing recently and practised it with my blogs and YouTube channel. Sometimes I create my own processes for these works. I will be publishing more articles on content marketing and SEO. Follow me on twitter or join in my email list to receive my updates.

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