Top 7 Types of Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Top 7 Types of Digital Marketing Jobs in India

types of digital marketing jobs

I received this question from many of my YouTube subscribers, this has become a frequently asked question for me. I thought to write my own view on types of digital marketing jobs available in India today. Top 7 jobs are


The role of the SEO specialist is to optimize the website and the digital assets of the company to drive organic traffic to the website. Under SEO, you will find jobs like SEO analyst, SEO specialist, SEO executive, Technical SEO Executive. Big companies will have dedicated SEO teams to work on the website and blogs. But, in small companies, one SEO professional should take care of all the SEO related works.

types of digital marketing jobs

Search Engine Marketer

The role of the Search engine marketer is to run ad campaigns on search engines, mainly Google. Industry also calls this role as PPC expert. PPC means pay per click, that means you will be paying when a user clicks on your ad.  SEM professionals have to run the ad campaigns on search engines and report to the digital marketing manager.

Social Media Marketer

The role of the social media marketer is to identify the social media websites where their target audience is and leveraging the social media websites to engage with their target audience. social media advertising will be the complex area in social media marketing. This job needs knowledge on graphic designing, memes, etc.,

Email Marketer

This role is the most underestimated role in the digital marketing space. The role of the email marketer is to build opt-in email lists by giving free e-books and resources to the website visitors. Email marketer is the responsible for sending email campaigns to their customers, partners, etc. This role also needs little bit technical knowledge for authenticating the domain for landing emails into inbox/updates folder. Email marketing gives the highest Return on Investment in digital marketing.

Content Marketer

This is the most important role in digital marketing. You cannot do digital marketing without the content. Important role of the content marketer is to maintain the blog by writing articles, creating the e-books, brochures, graphics and videos. Content marketer needs to coordinate with the graphic designer and video editor to publish different content formats.

Digital Marketing Manager

This is the senior role in the digital marketing domain. This role needs managerial skills, because a digital marketing manager needs to manage the entire digital marketing team to deliver the results. This role needs at least 3-5 years of work experience. Digital Marketing Manager reports to the VP-Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company.

Digital Marketing Strategist

This is the most senior role in digital marketing. This role needs at least 5 years of digital marketing industry experience. This is the senior role in digital marketing, digital marketing strategist needs to guide, motivate and train the entire existing digital marketing team to achieve the online marketing goals.

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