7 Tips to Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career

7 Tips to Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career

digital marketing career

1. Start your own blog

Starting your own self-hosted WordPress blog will help you to find customers or audiences for your niche or business.

A blog helps you to learn below skills

  • Generating organic traffic to your website
  • Improve SEO & SERP
  • Building your own brand
  • Improves customer engagement

These skills improve by starting your own blog, sometimes this will help you to get job offers also and to generate money in the long run.

blogging is one of the best ways to build trust with your customers or audiences, It is one of the core pillars in digital marketing which comes under content marketing.

2. Stay updated on the latest trends

when you want to become a digital marketer need to be updated on trending and latest updates on everything related to digital marketing.

How can you update?

    • Join in digital marketing communities
    • Build your network with other digital marketers
    • Invest your time in reading the latest news related to digital marketing
    • Subscribe to a few popular blogs in digital marketing

Following this kind of information will help you to update in this field. As a digital marketer, you need to be updated day by day because customer behaviour is changing day by day. New tools and technologies arrive every time.

3. Learn terminology & acronyms used in digital marketing: 

SEO = Acronym

Search Engine Optimization = Full Form

What are acronyms?

An acronym is an abbreviation made from the first letters of other words and said as if it is a word on its own.

(pay-per-click in shortcut PPC)

This will help your time and be easy to understand while others are saying.

  • What is the terminology?

Terminology is the language used to describe a specific thing, or the language used within a specific field.

These are some examples that are used in digital marketing

B2C – Business to consumer

CLV – Customer lifetime value

CTR – Click-Through Rate

CMS – Content management system

CPA – Cost per acquisition/action

CPC – Cost per click

CPL – Cost per lead

CPM – Cost per Mille (mille=thousand)

CR – Conversion rate

CRM – Customer relationship management

CRO – Conversion rate optimisation etc.

4. Build your brand

A personal brand is the distinguishing feature of your profile that separates you from your competition and other candidates in interviews. branding is the way to give a special and unique identity and position yourself

  • Know your customers or audience
  • Seo + Sem strategy
  • Content 
  • Brand tone and voice
  • Website optimization

Branding is nothing but representing yourself in the market differently and uniquely to identify your values. Building a Personal brand will help you to get more internship opportunities and job opportunities.

5. Get some experience

experience is the most important thing in every field, digital marketing is not an exception to it. experience is important.

Because experience says your work, talent and skills. when it comes to the theory it may not work 100% but when it comes to experience it will work 100%.

Get some experience because of the experiences you will be able to understand new concepts practically.

The experience will give you confidence in your work and you can represent your work in front of others. Apply for internships and do at least 2 internships before joining as a Fresher in digital marketing.

How to get internship opportunities

  1. Internshala portal
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Digital Marketing Communities

6. Build Your Online Presence

online presence is nothing but presenting yourself online with your content.

By that your target audience will increase for your blog and social media, online presence simply refers to how you present yourself online, That is what people find when they search your profile or name on the internet. It includes your blog content, and social media profiles etc.

Tip: Do not post any content related to sex, religion and politics. Your social media posts and blog content should demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Example: Digital John blog provides content on digital marketing

7. Build your LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn profile is very useful for all digital marketers, LinkedIn is the platform for professionals, by using a LinkedIn profile you can increase your connections with the professionals in the digital marketing industry.

Digital marketer does projects for the business organizations and individual coaches, etc., so one person cannot handle all the work of the projects. so, they need interns, associate digital marketers, experts in the marketing field. so we can find these people in LinkedIn, by that you can take help from them, and by connecting with HR professionals, Entrepreneurs, founders, fellow digital marketers you can grow your network.

Post your content on LinkedIn, so that HR professionals and other fellow digital marketers will come to know your expertise in digital marketing. That is how you get internship opportunities (free/paid) and job opportunities.

If you are a fresher, your LinkedIn profile helps you to find opportunities. If you want to build a personal brand, LinkedIn is the best platform. Post content, engage with other digital marketers content. In this way you can build your LinkedIn profile This will help you to find new opportunities, new connections etc.

Always remember one thing your network = your net worth

If you follow the above steps, you will start your career in the digital marketing field successfully. 

All the best for your future journey in the digital marketing field.

If you need any guidance and training on digital marketing, contact us, we are providing practical digital marketing training which helps you to start your career in digital marketing.

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