How to Start a Career in Content Writing?

How to Start a Career in Content Writing?

How to start content writing career

Hey There!  Trust me, This is an honest question that pops up in everyone’s mind but would never dare to choose this career. I am not an exception though! Let me make it simple for you. Did any of your friends contact you or are still contacting you for resume editing, email drafts, cover letters, birthday greetings, leave letters or any official document drafts? If they did contact you in all of the above-stated situations then there is a content writer hidden in you. Stylistically, speaking You are a Writer!

How to start content writing career

Most of you might have already written short stories or essays like I used to do back in my schooling. You might be still whimsical if you have the right skill. Honestly, you do have it but it is the phobia that is stopping you to pick this career. For instance, I started my career a long time before in teaching and despite grabbing a gold medal in English Essay writing I never dared to blog. However, Digital John instilled the hidden phobic passion in me and made me a writer with passion. You could be a great writer and we are here to listen to your stories. Why don’t you write to us and let us know about your passion to write. We will get back to you on the same.

Content marketing has become one of the hottest job profiles in India in 2019

1. What is Content Writing?

It is a way to express your thoughts in a written format. As you are already good at writing you could easily become artistic in your approach and play with the words. In simpler terms writing about the topics presented to you by your employer. Be cautious and do not copy the content from any resources from the internet while you write. Let your natural flow remain as your style of writing and make the style appealing to the reader. Now that you understood what it means let us understand how to start it.

Top 3 proven Ways to start content writing :

2. Blogging

You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.― Jodi Picoult. Click To Tweet

I love this quote a lot because until you start to write you don’t have an option to venture into this career. This is the easiest way available to show your written ability to someone who could hire you. It is not rocket science to create your own blog.

Why do you need your blog?

A blog is the only online source which is available for the future employer who could look at your writing style and assess your ability to write. In addition, this is the only place where you could be innovative and present all your skills in writing. If you have not started blogging yet just start it today. Just pick a topic of your own and start writing and target to finish one article per week. You will be surprised to see a total of 52  articles in a year.

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3. Freelancing

This is the second step of your establishment to evolve as a professional content writer. After you nurture the habit of writing at least for 10 weeks the next stage while paralleling writing articles is to search for the best places to begin as a freelance writer. There are many content marketing companies that are on the hunt for the right talent. You could be the right fit for them but as I told you the samples of your writings play a major role. I still remember this quote – ” ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY “. I am afraid there isn’t any shortcut to success. It is you who build your foundation with your innate talent in the form of blogs first and then you will find the right place as a freelance writer.

4. Internship

This is the best choice for those who still have many concerns and could not dare to write. You would invest only your time in interning and would gain a lot of knowledge about your career. It is also the best chance for all those budding writers still in college and would want to pick writing as their career. There are few internships available for writers so check which magazines or newspapers work for you. I bet you will love the experience a lot.

Let us also focus on a few TIPS to make your decision strong today.

5. Reading

Do read a lot of stuff but pick a good novel or a newspaper that is flawless and can help you in identifying different styles of writing. Do not restrict your area of interest and limit yourself to one genre while reading. Most of you might like reading only Fiction novels and might not like reading other novels. If you have this problem as stated then try to overcome it because writing is an art and it is versatile. I suggest you be versatile in reading and writing.

6. Networking

Building connections is very important in this modern era. They are the ones who could help you find the right place. Don’t restrict your connections to gender, region or race. A writer is an artist with the perfect usage of words and I wish you to be a Global Writer than a Local Writer. Attend seminars, meetings and social and professional gatherings where you build the scope of getting new connections.

I am not an exception as I stated earlier. But now I sit in  Dubai, which is the financial Hub of the world, and I serve my clients from here. I evolved as a Global Writer and I wish you the same.

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7. Availability

By now you have already decided to be a Content Writer which means you have a blog and social media accounts. Start utilising those platforms to tweet and write your views on topics that entice you. Be present on these platforms actively and let your peer group know that you are writing articles.

8. No Boundaries

There aren’t any boundaries and the sky’s the limit for all of the emerging writers. As I stated you can explore any content and build your brand in the long run.

sky's the limit for all of the emerging writers Click To Tweet

I wish all of you a great career ahead and I hope you will be an awesome writer with self-satisfaction as you decided to listen to your heart and start your career.

If you need any video tips for starting your blogs do subscribe to Digital John’s YouTube channel and start blogging. Write to us via email and let us know how you felt reading this article.

Good luck and enter into the world of Content Writing!

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  • Content writing is not so challenging to choose as a career option. You just need to be fluent in your language and practice writing more often. This will help to generate creative ideas for your articles.

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