Career in LLB vs Digital Marketing

Career in LLB vs Digital Marketing

Career in LLB vs Digital Marketing

One day everyone needs to choose a career to achieve their dreams so they need to select a path to fulfil their dreams. But most of the students are following their passion by interest. Engineering and medicine and degree and not only this we have plenty of career opportunities in diversified fields today.

Digital marketing and LLB both are good career options and you can find the highest paying jobs. Both industries have a good scope but there are some advantages and disadvantages in both industries. Before that, I will introduce you to what is digital marketing and LLB.

Career in LLB vs Digital Marketing

1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps the business to promote and to develop personal branding and advertise their products or services to their target audience through digital mediums such as smartphones, laptops etc. for examples display ads on google, SMS on mobiles. Ads on YouTube while playing videos, etc.

A. Career Choices in Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Social Media Marketer
  3. Inbound Marketer
  4. Search Engine Marketer
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst
  6. Content Marketer
  7. Email Marketer
  8. Marketing Automation Expert
  9. other roles

B. Scope

You get job opportunities in digital marketing agencies, business organizations, MNC’s or you can start your career as a freelance digital marketer.

C. Types of courses

There are many different courses in digital marketing. Duration depends on us how effectively we are learning and practising the courses due to self-paced online courses.

Digital Marketing Course for Beginners takes at least 3 months time to learn.

D. Salary

For freshers 3-6 lakhs per annum. but in some cases, it can be more than 3 lakhs also or less than 3 lakhs also. Salary depends on the candidate’s educational qualification, communication skills, knowledge, etc., Don’t worry about the salaries in digital marketing, after gaining the right experience your salary will increase exponentially year to year.

E. Institutions

digital marketing institutions are available in all the metro cities. If you can’t find any classroom training institute in your location, take an online course. Digital Vidya and UpGrad are the top 2 online digital marketing training institutes in India.

F. Courses fee

Online courses fees are between 500 Rs to 1 Lakh Rs in India

Offline courses fees are between 10000 Rs and 75000 Rs in India.

Premiere institutes charge more than 50000 Rs for a digital marketing course.

2. What is LLB?

Bachelor of Legislative Law (commonly known as Bachelor of Laws) LLB is an undergraduate degree in law. This is a first professional degree or a primary law degree for the students who want to pursue a career in the legal profession. After completing the LLB they called lawyers. 

Picked for you: 7 reasons to choose law as a career

Most lawyers get jobs in: 

  • Courts,
  • MNC’s,
  • NEWS channels and NEWS papers. etc.

This is a very professional field that comes under law.

A. Career choices in LLB

  •  The law firm (Associate)
  •  MNC (Legal officer)
  •  Govt Agency
  •  Judicial Exams
  •  Bank, Legal dept.
  •  Litigation
  •  LPO

B. Salary

The bachelor of laws {LLB} course salary fluctuates from 3 lakhs to 1 crore per annum depending on a variety of differs based on the seniority and experience of the aspirant and abilities of the individual. 

C. Types of LLB courses:

  • M.A. Human Rights
  • M.A.Human Rights and Duties Education
  • Master of comparative Laws {MCL}
  • Master of Law {LLM}
  • Diploma in Environmental Laws
  • Diploma in Human Rights
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
  • Diploma in Administrative Law
  • Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution System
  • Diploma in Co-operative Law

The course duration is at least 3 years if in case you graduated if you just passed out +2 from any stream you need to do a 3+2 integrated degree program example +LLB, B. A +LLB, etc.

D. Colleges or universities 

There are top LAW colleges and universities in India offering courses, by the government colleges and private colleges also but you need to write the law entrance exam CLAT with minimum 50% marks.

E. Course fee

The course fee ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs to learn from the best college or universities.



LLB It's a very professional field. * The fee range is high.
Scope is more. it’s completely theory based.
Highly respectful job in society.duration of course is more.
Digital MarketingLow fee compared to LLB .need to update yourself day by day.
Duration of the course is less.The best institutions are less.

Both are the best career options but digital marketing is affordable and very easy when we compare with LLB. to join LLB you need to crack the “CLAT” entrance exam. and you need a mentor’s guidance after compiling LLB at least for 2 years because you need to work as a junior lawyer. But when it comes to digital marketing only you understand the topics and implement them in the practice world. And the best part of digital marketing is you can learn yourself. 

In both courses you need to give your best and whatever you learn you need to implement in the real world. But in LLB you will learn only 40% in colleges and 30% while working as a junior lawyer and the remaining 30% while working as a professional lawyer.

You can learn digital marketing in a short time when compared to LLB. While studying only you can practice in digital marketing and you can earn by handling the projects as a freelancer. And you do not require any qualification or degrees, just basic knowledge about computers and English is enough. just you need a laptop or computer with an internet connection and a smartphone.

If you can afford LLB course fees if you are really passionate about LLB, take a career after discussing it with your parents and mentor.

If you are unable to afford high fees then choose digital marketing as a career.

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