How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks?

How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks?

Link Building Article by Digital John

When it comes to reaching your audience online, content is king. Both businesses and blogs can benefit from prioritizing SEO efforts, particularly in the form of building high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks are links to your content featured on someone else’s website. It could include anything from a link to a post that relates to their content or a direct mention of your site. If you’re a blogger, you need backlinking to compete. Here’s how to get started.

Link Building Article by Digital John

1. Outreach Efforts

Outreach is a method of connecting with other bloggers and content creators to request backlinks that refer to your site. There are many ways to go about this, from compiling a list of websites with topics that cover your niche to searching for specific keyword links to reclaiming backlinks from competing sites.

A. Niche Websites

Say, for example, that you run a website that provides valuable content to boxing fitness enthusiasts, particularly women. You would start by conducting a search of fitness websites that provide content relevant to boxing as a form of fitness. This might be an article entitled “The Five Best Workouts for Busy Women”.

After compiling your list, you would reach out to the content owner and introduce them to your relevant content, state how the link could help their audience, and request that it be included. You may also request that the anchor text be altered slightly for better Googlebot crawling results (see this anchor text guide method for more information).

B. Keyword Links

The starting process of looking for potential keyword links is similar to seeking out niche websites. Use Google Search Console to determine what keywords lead people to your site. Then search for those keyword combinations in other content. Again, you would reach out to the content owner and request a link in return for valuable content.

C. Claiming Backlinks from Competitors

Another solid link building strategy is to use a tool to evaluate keyword competitors’ backlink sources. Best SEO practices indicate that a piece of content should have external links to relevant content to perform better on SERPs.

In most cases, a content creator will choose something from the first page results, adding a link with little thought for convenience sake. By getting a list of the main competitors’ backlinks, you can optimize your content and reach out to be considered as a replacement for the link. Be clear with your content marketing goals

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to achieve high-quality backlinks to your blog. Reach out to blogs within your niche and pitch them high-quality content to share on their site in exchange for a backlink. Many content sites will be happy to participate, as it gives them a piece of free content without the legwork of creating something from scratch.

Many bloggers will find sites to pitch to by searching “Niche: ‘Write for Us/Guest Post’”. For example, a travel blogger might search “Travel: ‘Write for Us’” to find blogs in their niche that accept guest posts. As this is such a common way to find guest posting opportunities, there’s often a lot of competition for posting. Therefore, you should also look for favoured blogs in your niche that don’t advertise that they accept guest posts.

3. Outsource Your Efforts

If you’re treating your blog as a business and have limited time to fully dedicate yourself to the link building process, you should consider outsourcing to a service that does the work for you.

Outreach specialists can provide everything from backlinks to guest posts to general outreach efforts. They often have a rapport with a variety of sites that accept guest content with backlinks, as well as content writers to put the pieces together. Outsourcing for link building is a great way to get proven results without taking on hours of additional work to get it done.

When looking for backlink opportunities, work with high-quality sites, strategise your anchor text, and plan your approach carefully. Doing so will help you work with the Google bot and avoid penalisation.

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