Bluehost Server Price – Bluehost Server Review 2022

Bluehost Server Price – Bluehost Server Review 2022

bluehost server price
Bluehost Reviews

Bluehost Server Review

In order to focus solely on business growth and product functionality, most companies make use of services and outsource tools or services in order to make use of the best in a constructive manner and save cost and time efficiently. A few services and operations require high-cost inputs and apart from that they also have demanding maintenance, thus requiring more manpower. Talking about the present digital era, no company can survive without a website. It’s like a necessity, without which the brand or company visibility would be washed out. Now, the company might be an expert in their specific domain of products or services, but it is not necessary that they are an overall or that they would hire human resources for the same.

Considering the internal and external environments of the company and keeping in mind the objectives and budgets it can opt for renting services. This would not only help in better focus but also yield better results as work is being done by assigned experts also causing fewer chances of errors and chaos.

Creating or maintaining a website efficiently requires high expertise and knowledge, which not all have access to. So, web hosting services which include allocation of space on the webserver for the website to store files is being used successfully by many businesses. Let us look at one such web hosting service provider;

Bluehost Reviews
Bluehost Reviews

Bluehost Server Price

Founded way back in 2003, Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions company that has been consistent in its efforts to deliver the absolute best. With a mission that drives the company to empower people to fully harness the web, it has successfully managed to provide comprehensive tools to global users. They are confident about users thriving with the help of their seemingly impressive web hosting packages.

With such great years of experience, they have become the official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. Powering more than 2 million websites globally, they have come to uphold strong long-standing relationships with the WordPress community. By offering varied schematic plans and performing better than benchmark expectations, they surely have gained the public’s vote. Let us understand why.

1.Fantastic uptime :

Speed is the need of the hour, and if your prospects have to deal with a slow website, you can expect a total no show. The value of time is greater than the value of money, Bluehost has embedded this and worked upon It to provide the best possible uptime.

Going through the uptime report of Bluehost for months, we figured that it surpasses the benchmark of 99.93% and gives you a whole 99.97%. Minimal downtime for specific scheduled maintenance can and has to be neglected. Even with peak traffic, the test load times have been ideally stable.

This means your site loads in a splash of fewer than 2 secs.

99.9% Uptime

2.Response time/Loading time:

The next important aspect after uptime is loading time, if your sites open up really quick but take time to load, what’s the point? Waiting is a bummer and can cost you a loss of traffic and inflow. According to Google, as page load time goes from 1s to 3s the probability of bounce increases 32%.” You surely don’t want to lose such a huge percentage of your prospects.

With Bluehost, the average load speed is 668ms and has been found that for serves in the US, the load time is less than a fraction of a  second but it doesn’t promise the same with serves in other locations globally as it has presented with a load time of less than a second but a bit higher than the US range.

Overall, the load time is decent but can get better in comparison to top picks.

3.Bluehost reviews on Hosting plans and features:

With 6 types of hosting’s, it can be the best pick for topping up your game and making it easy.

1. WordPress hosting:

Official partnering for hosting with WordPress has given them a major boost and this assists them to offer you resources and tools that integrate with WordPress. Blogs, online stores and websites are truly blessed if they use this. Best features:

  1. Automatic WordPress installation, updates and Google My Business verification.
  2. Varied and unique range of themes along with easy customization.
  3. Secure login setup
  4. Free domain for a year
WordPress Hosting

2. Shared Hosting

This feature has gained high popularity and can be considered as the catalyst for Bluehost while attracting customers. With affordable pricing and easy ways to get a website up and ready, it allows multiple users to run websites on one server. Featuring the following makes it the most picked by small businesses,

  1. Takes care of server management and platform patches.
  2. SSL certificates
  3. Google ads
  4. Resource protection

3. Dedicated Hosting

Large businesses need to start looking at this feature as it offers increased storage, power and control with high-class performance and security. Here, each user gets an individual server that guarantees stable and foreseeable performance. It is best for users expecting high traffic websites. Some supportive features include:

  1. Extreme speed
  2. RAID storage with root access
  3. Dedicated support and regular updates
  4. Free domain for one year

4. VPS Hosting

If you are looking for personalized servers but dedicated hosting isn’t affordable, then this is meant for you. This is Virtual server hosting within a shared server that acts as a dedicated space. Bluehost becomes the most chosen by not only offering affordable service but also making it user friendly.

5. ‘30’ Day moneyback guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the services and feel that this was not meant to fit in your business frame, then you can claim your money back within 30 days. Any refund requests are declined after 30 days.

6. Customer support open 24/7

It includes live chatting, on-call advice, an email ticketing system and also fully packed answered FAQ’s. With quick and knowledgeable responses, they are strong in this step of the game.

7. Bluehost Server Pricing

They have a varied number of customizable packages that are clearly reasonable and worth the pay. If you have concerns or uncertainty, they have a free consultation for better guidance. The basic plan and prices include:

  • Shared hosting: $2.95/month
  • Online stores: $12.95/month
  • Managed WordPress: $9.95/month.

These were the main features and understanding of Bluehost, but they do have some cons as well:

  • The renewal rates are pretty high and almost 3 times that of the initial price, so the best way to tackle this would be to buy the initial package for a longer duration than would allow continuing services at lower rates.
  • With cheap starting plans, there are a lot of restrictions that make it difficult for you to make complete actions and the security offered is not that strong, this pushes you to buy the next tier expensive price.
  • No guaranteed uptime, even though they have the most appreciable uptime, they do not guarantee it.

Overall, we can consider Bluehost for our services by first listing down our business needs and analyzing which plan best matches our requirements. With great ease of use and friendly customer support, it also provides quick setup thus chasing away any wait. The security is solid with paid plans but limited with free and less expensive plans. Considering the aspect of website migration, which includes free transfer for one WordPress website but has high charges for multiple websites and accounts, you can statistically pick and play.

Bluehost has been in the field for quite some time now and we can strongly say that they are ruling the arena. A wide customer base and great expertise of 750 employees does gain certain trust.

To grow your business and mark your presence digitally, feel free to contact us for digital marketing courses and be the master of your own game.

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