5 Audio Social Media Platforms

5 Audio Social Media Platforms

Audio Social Media Platforms
audio social media platforms

Ting! Ting! Ting!

Audio social media platforms !! Our notification panel is always filled up with pop-ups, notifications, updates and alerts. So many of us end up missing texts or forget to respond to important messages since we are lazy at some point and saturation gets us too hand-tied.

Most of the social media platforms have been hanging around for a while now, their standard way of communication is mostly text messages. With new features such as story reactions, short message forms, we are more likely to miss out on messages as we get flooded with so many of them. We install these apps with the purpose of enhancing our communication but as time passes by, we end up losing our will to communicate further because of the limits these messages pose with them. This can be understood as reverse psychology.

Over texts we sound different, there is a lot of work, understanding, decoding and effort that goes into forming a text message and then responding to it. We have no idea how the receiver understands the message, especially when we haven’t met the person, or they are new to us.

Audio Social Media Platforms
audio social media platforms

Adding on to these major challenges are autocorrects, typos and spelling errors. There is enough awkwardness that we face because of differently understood messages, and then is the embarrassment of silly mistakes.

If you have been troubled by these issues as well, then we have something in store for you!

Audio Social media platforms:

All you have to do is talk, isn’t that a better and more convenient form of communication? You can plainly eliminate all communication barriers and enjoy smooth, healthy conversations that have less room for misunderstandings. Less effort, more talk and better relationships.

2000 – 2010 = Era of text-based social media platforms (Orkut, Twitter)

2010-2020 = Era of visual social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.,)

After 2020 – Era of audio social media platforms

Let me straight away take you into these audio social media platforms:

1. Clubhouse: Audio social media platforms

The clubhouse is an audio-only, social-media platform that allows people to host, listen and join live audio conversations that are called chatrooms. This app has gained massive buzz as there is a high possibility for you to end up in a live conversation with a celebrity too.

There are various topics, interests, groups that remain active simultaneously and the best part is you can hop in and hop out of any room instantly. No embarrassments, no ties, and as the saying goes, no strings attached.

Many businesses too have joined this platform and landed an opportunity to educate their customers regarding their services. Motivational speakers, career coaches surely have gained the top of the cream.

This is plain easy networking where you don’t have to even meet people to grow audiences or achieve exposure with credibility as well. No conversation is going to bore you here, you can sense the energy, tone and zeal which will anchor you to different speakers and rooms.

Well, the only glitch here is that you need an invitation to join in and get access to rooms.

Available on: IOS and Android

2. Mentza: Audio social media platforms

Mentza is the one-stop audio platform for learning-oriented conversation, with exclusive features such as recording and highlighting. They claim their conversations to be participatory, inclusive and insightful.

Mentza is known for creating the ‘AHA’ moment for its users through limitless conversations (20 minutes) that enable brilliant learning through this vibrant, safe and easy to use platform.

The features that you can dwell on are:

  • Explore endless electric circles
  • Jump into conversations you like, you can also clip interesting parts.
  • Share bite-sized mentzas from people across the globe.
  • Library access for all the mentzas you’ve created or shared.

The best conversations are always cherished in our minds, but now you can save them with mentza. It’s just spectacular.

Available for IOS and Android

3. Greenroom: Audio social media platforms

Greenroom is a new social audio app from Spotify that lets you host and participate in live discussions. Through virtual rooms, you can listen and talk about the things you love. It is similar to the clubhouse and serves as their competitor but gives you better features.

Here, you don’t need an invitation to join and can easily join any room or group. Sign up or just use Spotify login information. Unlike clubhouse where you cannot record any chat or listen to anything ever again, greenroom allows its users to record rooms, save shows and also avail recordings over mails.

Well, Spotify is well known for having it all, so they have not left out the fun of live chat. You can ask questions or just chat about the ongoing conversation by sharing your opinions.

A unique feature that pushes you to do better is the appreciation token or GEMS, these are similar to likes on Instagram. Instead of likes, you have gems. The clubhouse has also achieved this feature with Mic Slashing.

With Spotify go all green and enjoy not just the talks but the cool graphics as well.

Available on IOS and Android

4. Facebook Audio Rooms

Facebook never misses out on the buzz and continuing their expertise they have come up with Facebook live audio rooms that enable you to join in audio conversations with public figures, experts who can invite listeners or verified public figures in the room to be a speaker.

Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts on Facebook

The number of speakers allowed is limited to 50, but listeners can just keep adding on.

They have an additional feature that really puts the game ahead for action calls, with the directly donate option available listeners can donate and fundraisers can enjoy the benefit of a power pack support.

There is segregation of public and private rooms as well that enable you to engage both generally and specifically.

Appreciation her can be shown with stars, the add on here is that when a listener sends a star to the host as support, it shifts them to the ‘front row’ that helps the host recognize supporters and maybe even give them a shout out.

5. Spaces by Twitter

Twitter Spaces is a new launch by Twitter that lets you have live audio conversations. So, if a host wants to start an audio conversation, they will start a space to which they can invite listeners. This space can have a maximum of 11 speakers.

Anyone can join the space by clicking on the link that can be tweeted or shared.

They have an option that lets you schedule your space for later as well. The best part of being a listener here is that you enjoy the authority of turning off the live captions of hosts if any.

Spaces are yet to develop to their full potential, but with nifty features that we are getting to hear about, it sets high expectations and room for better quality. Considering the dissatisfaction with regard to equality across the world, Twitter has decided to allot its primary spaces to women and marginalized communities. This sets a strong start with solid support.

If you haven’t had a taste of these audio rooms yet, go ahead and hop on as they are all free. Accessibility to direct, unfiltered content at your doorstep. They are super fun and a definite brainstormer.

As Ruth Reader says, “It is a much different experience to hear someone say something or tell a story than it is to read a block of text and try and interpret the tone with which it’s being said. In this way, these new audio social platforms are rethinking what it means to be social online.”

Follow the voice and get wise. For more such fun and informative content keep your tabs open with Digital John as we offer much more than just information, better learning with a better future. Contact us to develop appreciable skillsets.

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